Nicholette Freele

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Our Social Media Maven, Nicholette, has a passion for fashion and marketing results.  This hashtag wizard dominates our social media and digital marketing.  From content creation and curation, to customer interaction and retention, Nicholette is your woman. Her outgoing and sweet personality, also makes her perfect for training and business development. Holding a Fashion Marketing Diploma, this boss has worked in marketing and fashion for the last 13 years and has her own roster of social media clients that will be joining Maison Social.

Geneva Bast

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Geneva is our planner and organizer extraordinaire.  With a background in business, marketing, fashion and real estate, find her pushing the paper, crunching the numbers and strategizing for our clients.  With an eye for design and everything pretty, Geneva also handles our design, photography and half of the curating with her PIC, Nicholette. A Bachelor's Degree in Business and Entrepreneurship, combined with 20 years of experience in business management and marketing positions, has us confident she's about as efficient as they come.

Danielle Kondruk

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Danielle is a dedicated connector, brand champion, and non-profit ambassador. She started her career working for a prestigious Canadian business magazine and continued to fine-tune her corporate marketing skills with one of the country’s leading brands, Bell Canada. Since then she’s become a recognized leader in supporting non-profit organizations and small businesses. She has 15 years experience as a hybrid professional with sales, marketing communications, and strategic planning expertise. She’s known for her authenticity, dynamic personality, and ability to build relationships. An educational background in journalism explains her insatiable inquisitiveness and innate ability to communicate adeptly. 

The Big Guns

Maison Social collaborates with a extensive list of talented artists and businesses to make sure we get your campaign absolutely perfect.  Whether it's high-end or industry specific photography, complex copywriting or intricate design and website needs, we know when it' time to call in the big guns.

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